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BOOST is unique supplement designed specifically for gamers. BOOST is packed with active ingredients that ensure a stable energy and improve concentration, reaction time and general cognitive function of the brain for achieving the best possible results. The pill capsule is plant based 100% vegan.

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Number of BOOST pills

one pack 60x
one pack 60x
one pack 60x
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duo pack 120x
duo pack 120x
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trio pack 180x
trio pack 180x

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Why Boost?

Nutritional experts and experienced pharmacists were involved in the development of Instinkt products. Instinkt has a balanced content of each ingredient so that it is as effective as possible for the body. The composition of ingredients is designed so that individual substances do not interfere with each other, but on the contrary, interact positively and effectively.

Most games are based on how fast players can react to a certain situation, every millisecond is crucial in the end. INSTINKT ensures you have a stable supply of energy and helps improve overall cognitive functions and general perception of the game in order to achieve the best possible results in the game.

It has been proven that gamers have significantly better connection between both brain hemispheres. Some gamers can pay attention to more than 6 stimuli at the same time. A normal person can handle a maximum of 4 stimuli. INSTINKT helps you to bring the concentration and perception of the whole game to the highest level.

Due to the combination of active substances and their joint effect on mind and body, you will achieve much higher performance and energy. Unlike energy drinks, which contain a lot of sugar and harmful substances in addition to the feeling of a bloated belly, with INSTINKT you get a stable and pure energy.




Der Extrakt dieser Pflanze, die auch Brahmi genannt wird, ist eine der beliebtesten Substanzen und wirksamsten natürlichen Nootropika. Ein normaler Mensch kann nur 4 sich bewegende Objekte auf dem Bildschirm wahrnehmen, Spieler können bis zu 6 wahrnehmen. In einem wissenschaftlichen Experiment wurde nachgewiesen, dass Brahmi beim Menschen die Geschwindigkeit der visuellen Wahrnehmung stark erhöht.

This ingredient is probably known to everyone. Caffeine has several functions. The most important one is energy supply - it helps to increase alertness, sharpness and endurance performance. When the body is tired, it flushes out a substance called adenosine, which is connected to receptors in the brain and causes a feeling of fatigue. Caffeine temporarily blocks these receptors in the brain. Caffeine increases your concentration and mental performance.

This substance is the basic building block of an acid called acetylcholine, which belongs to the group of neurotransmitters. Together with DMAE, it helps to produce acetylcholine and thus transmit individual impulses from nerve cells in the brain. Choline contributes to normal fat metabolism and liver function.

Every human body produces acid called acetylcholine. This acid transmits individual impulses in the brain from one nerve cell to another. DMAE helps the body to produce these acids.

This amino acid is necessary for the production of the alarm hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline. It is genetically given that thanks to these hormones the body mobilizes energy, increases heart rate, breathing rate and reactivity, thus preparing the person for any action, be it fight or flight. When people are stressed or do not get enough sleep, the body may not be able to produce these substances.

L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that the human body can produce, but in some circumstances in an insucient amount. In such cases, it is good to take the substance through dietary supplements. Additional supplementation with L-arginine is especially helpful in times of increased mental and physical exertion.


The active form of this vitamin is the compound pyridoxal-5-phosphate. This substance binds to the protein parts of a number of enzymes and enables their catalytic reaction, which means that it helps to accelerate metabolic and chemical reactions in cells. 


B12 contributes to normal energy metabolism and helps reduce fatigue and fatigue. Therefore, we have included the recommended daily amount in the pill. B12 is one of the most effective tools in the methylation process, which accelerates the production and recycling of neuronal brain transporters. 

The main advantage of piperine is its ability to increase the effectiveness of substances in medicines and food supplements. It helps to properly and efficiently absorb the individual substances in the stomach.


Wakes up

I only have Boost so far, and at work, when I'm K.O., it always gets me through. M. Klus

It has a kick

I went to pick it up yesterday and I have to write that it has quite an effect (it has a kick), I will definitely order the Reload as well... L. Pacovsky

It works great

Since in addition to streaming, I am also a professional driver, so I have to say that boost works excellently. L. Hrdlička

Kick in

For me personally I recommend Boost kicks in perfectly. S. Fišerová

Increases concentration

I received BOOST for my birthday and I can recommend it. It increases concentration while playing, and provides stable energy at work. H Jůn

Instead of coffee

Good for me. I take it every morning instead of coffee. M. Podzemný

Yes, our products are not regulated and you can use them in a computer game competition.

We are a Czech company focused on the development and production of nutritional supplements for professional e-sport gamers as well as for casual players of competitive games.


  • BOOST –  is used to increase performance and the condition for better results in gaming. The composition of carefully selected ingredients provides energyBOOST and adaptogen nootropic plants increase cognitive brain function.
  • RELOAD –  is used to improve sleep and regenerate the body. Gamers are the most affected group with impaired sleep quality due to irregular sleep and the negative effect of blue light from monitors before bedtime.
  • EVOLVE – focuses on comprehensive health and personal performance support. It serves to supply natural energy, improve cognitive functions of the brain, support eyesight, support metabolism along with antioxidant effects and supply vitamins with electrolytes for the best possible overall body function.

RELOAD is the first dietary supplement of its kind developed specifically for gamers. The combination of carefully selected ingredients improves the quality of deep sleep (REM) and supports the regeneration of the body, brain, stress relief and provides a good condition for better results the next day.

  • It is taken 1-2 hours before bedtime.
  • Long-term effect of increased sleep quality.

The pill is an ideal form for 4 reasons:

    In a pill form, you can simply put in only those ingredients that you really want to have in it and have them work. Liquids are very unstable and most energy drinks therefore contain by-products and undesirable pollutants such as preservatives, colorants and flavors.
    Energy drinks contain gas, which bothers most people. The feeling of a bloated belly is not pleasant and certainly not during a game session. One pill contains exactly the same energy as drinking two energy drinks.
    Sugar is not a good source of energy. With a pill, however, you can forgo sugar and sweeteners. To make an energy drink taste that good, you have to put a lot of sugar in it: Up to 25 sugar cubes per 1 liter. Not only can sugar possibly make you fat, it only provides an instant energy boost that drops off very quickly. The side effects such as restlessness, nervousness and an unpleasant tremor quickly set in.
    Even if it doesn't seem like it, taking pills is actually cheaper than consuming coffee or energy drinks.
    1 pill = 2 energy drinks = 3 cups of coffee
    • PILL: Price for one approx0,37 EUR
    • ENERGY DRINK: Preis for 2 ca. 2,5 EUR
    • COFFEE: Price for 3 cups at home ca. 6 EUR

EVOLVE is the first dietary supplement of its kind that focuses on the comprehensive improvement of health and personal performance. The composition contains natural substances that support the human body in a wide range and, unlike ordinary energy drinks, it does not contain any sugar. The composition also contains a mix of important electrolytes and vitamins that will strengthen immunity and overall health.

BOOST is a dietary supplement packed with the most effective substances for increasing energy, concentration and accelerating reactions. Experienced chemists from the pharmaceutical field and nutrition experts participated in the development of the composition. We have created a perfect combination of substances that react with each other and help to achieve better results.

  • It is used about 30 minutes before the performance
  • Duration of action 4-6 hours

Health is the highest priority for us. Our products contain an adequate dose of ingredients that are completely safe for the body. All ingredients in the composition are approved by the European Union and classified as harmless. The products are also registered in the Czech Republic (SZÚ) and approved for sale throughout the EU.

Each RELOAD and BOOST pack contains 60 pills.

How to use Instinkt?


  • Is used about 30 minutes before the performance
  • Duration of effect approx. 4-6 hours


  • Is used approx. 1-2 hours before going to bed
  • Long-term effect due to increased sleep quality


  • Mix 2 scoops (9.6g) well in 500ml of water (any undissolved precipitates are fine)
  • You can take 2 drinks a day. We recommend a break of at least 3 hours between drinks

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